It’s simple. We’re changing the way we interact with music content.

Going beyond the playlist: VUNU is the emerging social-music experience.

VUNU is inspired by the idea that music can TRANS4M a community. We believe that music promotes DIVERSITY, it brings neighbours into DIALOGUE, increases CREATIVITY, offer opportunities for civic PRIDE, and improves our general psychological WELL-­BEING.

We think that art and technology go hand in hand.

VUNU is changing the way we interact with music content on all our devices. Partnering with IBM Watson, we use a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and the cloud for intelligent targeting to match video content with viewer preferences and personalities. This is BIG DATA with BRAINS.

Our aim is to be a major player in how music is created, shared and monetised in the digital age.

Technology combined with the power and growth of a bespoke music-centric social network accessible by anyone, with a relational database of emerging talent, media and social data, we provide value and benefit to a global audience of creators, fans and professional industry users.

We are bringing the human touch to OTT Music VOD.

By adding moderated live streamed events, tent-pole entertainment, interactive apps, advertising and sponsorship, we monetize and distribute music globally.

Our weekly live streamed ‘Face the Music’ show, features artists, industry experts and color commentary, and puts it all into context explaining the who, what and how behind the music that is providing the soundtrack to our lives.